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Congratulations to the Gups promoted in First Nation TSD's November 2016 testing.

GM J. Romines receiving her 8th Dan Certificate with Grandmaster Timmerman and Grandmaster M. Romines.
In Crestveiw Fl, at the Korean Martial Arts Festival and KMAM Hall of Fame.

 Congratulations to all those promoted at our most recent gup testing. 
                       Keep up the good work!

Congratulations to Grandmaster Romines on his induction into the Korean Martial Arts Masters Hall of Fame


Congratulations to all on recent Gup promotions

Congratulations to Senior Master Romines on her induction into "Who's Who in Korean Martial Arts" by Sa Ja Nim Rudy Timmerman. We, your Tang Soo Do Family, are so Proud.

Congrats To Jim Cracchiolo on 1st Dan


7th Dan Sr. Master J. Romines, 1st Dan J. Cracchiolo and 9th Dan GM M. Romines.

Congrats to Master Romines
on her 7th Dan promotion.


Congrats to Grand Master M. Romines
for his induction into the
Martial Arts Hall of Fame


Congrats Grandmaster Romines
for 9th Dan promotion and
50 years in the Martial Arts.

Congratulations to Grandmaster Romines on his
award for 50 years in the martial arts.

Congratulations to all students
on their recent promotions!
Congratulations to Master J. Romines
for her recent 6th Dan Promotion.

First Nation Tang Soo Do,  Gup Testing,  August 08, 2012

Christopher Salutes, 5th gup
Jim Cracchiolo, 6th gup
Elijah Kidd, 7th gup
Noah DelRose, 7th gup
Liam Stevenson, 9th gup

Congratulations to all students for a great testing!
Grand Master M. Romines
Master J. Romines





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