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International Master Instructor K. Martin (6th Dan) - Board of Directors member for All Amer. TSD Assoc.

Master Martin was born in Frostburg, MD on Jun 1st of 1950. He is the oldest of four children and was born to Delbert and LeEsta Martin. He is married to Dorothy Martin. Master Martin holds both an AA and AS degree and is currently employed as a Radiologic Technician and EMT.

Miltary Service: USAF

Martial Arts History:

1967-1970 Tae Kwon Do, Cumberland YMCA - G.M. Jhoon Rhee

1971-1985 Tang Soo Do, Korean Karate Academy - G.M. William Clingan, MDK#18903

1980-1982 DanZan Ryu Jiujitsu, Chico, CA - Prof Bud Estes

1983-1985 U.S. Tang Soo Do Federation, Sacramento, CA - G.M. Ahpo Andrew

1986-1990 International Tang Soo Do Federation, Bedford, PA - G.M. C.K. Kim

1991-1995 World Tang Soo Do Association, Altoona, PA - G.M. J.C. Shin

1996-2000 United Fighting Art Federation, Kaiser, WV - G.M. Chuck Norris/Danny Lane

2001-2006 International Hapkido Federation, Frostburg, MD - G.M. Chang Young Shil

2006-2011 All American Tang Soo Do Association, Marysville, CA - G.M. William Clingan



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